Sussex Downs Landscape Series

South Downs Sunset XXVII

‘Sussex Downs Landscape XXVII’ – oil – 80cms – Saatchi Art ‘Invest in Art’  – sold – (prints available)

South Downs Sunset XXVII close up 3b

‘Sussex Downs Landscape XXVII’ – detail 1

South Downs Sunset XXVII close up 2b

‘Sussex Downs Landscape XXVII’ – detail 2


‘Landscape – Sussex Saharan Winds’ – oil – 110cm

Sussex Downs Sunset XXI

Sussex Downs Landscape XXI – oil – 40cm

Discerning Eye 2015 private viewbwsepia

‘Sussex Downs Landscape – New Forest I ‘ Discerning Eye Exhibition 2015

‘South Downs Landscape XXXI’, oil on canvas, 40cm, 2015

2019 Oil Landscapes

‘South Downs Landscape III, 2019’ 70cm, oil on panel

Mill Hill Landscape II 2019, 55cm, oil on canvas

‘Spring Sunset South Downs IV’, 70cm, oil on birch panel

‘South Downs Landscape II, 2019’, oil on archival paper

‘South Downs Landscape Panorama I -2019’, 30cm, oil on archival paper

‘South Downs Landscape IV -2019’, 35cm, oil on archival paper

Moving Skies, Spring Panorama, oil on archival paper


Landscapes 2018 – 2019

Mill Hill Winter 2018, detail, 100 cm, oil on panel

South Downs Winter, Mill Hill, 90cms, oil on canvas, 2018

‘South Downs Landscape Mill Hill I – 2018’, 70cm, oil on panel

‘South Downs Spring Sunset II -2018’, 100cm, oil on canvas

‘Winter Sun’, 60cm, oil on canvas

‘South Downs Sunset Autumn to Winter, 2018’, 100cm, oil on canvas

Residency Series – ‘Vineyard towards South Downs, Heatwave’ (1 of 6) Oil on panel

Residency Series – ‘Vineyard towards South Downs, Autumn’ (4 of 6) oil on canvas, 100cm

Panorama Series 2018

All that Stuns the Soul: Landscapes Inspired by Romanticism, 2018, London Mall Galleries SW1

Winter Landscape  III, 40cm, oil on canvas, JP Art Spring Show, 2019, Blackheath, London

‘Turquoise Sienna Panorama’, oil on canvas, 73cm

‘Mill Hill Winter Landscape 2018’, oil on birch panel, 40cm

‘Mill Hill I- Autumn 2017’, detail, 73cm,oil on panel

Panorama – Turquoise Sienna – Tuscan Landscape IVSouth Downs Mill Hill Violet, 70cm, oil on panel

Landscapes of South Downs and Tuscany, Mill Hill, 2017-2018

South Downs Unfolding Sky I, 2018, Oil on panel, 50cm x 45cm

Spring Landscape 2018 – South Downs National Park, 45cm x 50cm, oil in panel

‘Cyan Sky’ 2018, 46cm , oil on panel

Spring Landscape Cerulean II, 40 cm, oil on panel, as Featured Artist at Cameron Contemporary  Exhibition

South Downs Landscape XXXI, 60 cm, oil on canvas – Sold

South Downs Sunset – Curelean II, 40cm, oil on canvas – Sold

Landscape – Turquoise, 100cm, oil on canvas – Sold

‘Sussex Spring Sunset V’, 50cm, oil on canvas, Discerning Eye Exhibition November 2017, Mall Galleries, London Invited Artist – selector Miranda Richardson – Sold

‘Summer Sunset III, 2017’, 40cm, oil on panel

South Downs Series ‘en plein air’ 2016

Sussex Downs Sunrise II webscale

‘South Downs Landscape II’ Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize  London, Mall Galleries,  7–13  March & Guildford House Gallery 25 June – 17 July 2016 – Sold  (prints available)

CSC_2539 sepiab

Winter Landscape Sepia under-painting – 40cms – oil

‘Sussex Downs Landscape XXV’, 70 cm, oil on panel

Sussex Downs Sunset XXV close up 2

‘Sussex Downs Landscape XXV’ – detail

‘Sussex Downs Winter Skyscape I’ – 40cms – oil –  Curated in Saatchi Art 18-4-2016

‘Winter landscape – Sunrise I’, oil on canvas, 40cms