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South Downs Sienna V web

South Downs Sienna V’

David’s dramatic abstracted landscapes are a masterclass in light and tone, evoking the outdoors in its all awe, wildness and romanticism” Mall Galleries, London SW1, 2018

“The winner is David Scott Moore. Judge Carol Burns, Archant Arts Editor says “The winning entry was chosen for its drama and powerful capturing of not only the landscape but also of how the light can shape that landscape. The work revels in the scale of the subject and plays with the concept of landscape through its square format. It is immersive: the viewer is seduced to come ever closer to the work, much as we are when the landscape is before us”. ” – On ‘Sussex Downs Sienna V’  –    Sussex Life/ Paint Out – Landscape Painter of the Year 2016, 2017


David’s international buyer audience has widened to New York and he continues to exhibit widely across England and London, with English, Scottish and International collectors.  He was born in Hammersmith London, to an English mother and Scottish father, and was brought up in Sussex.  He believes regular family visits to Lanarkshire, Scotland combined with a childhood living next to Sussex Forests sparked a love of the space, feedom and transience found in natural landscapes.

He has been invited to ‘ING Discerning Eye Exhibition 2017’, Mall Galleries SW1 and been selected for the Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize 2016′, has exhibited at the ‘Discerning Eye Exhibition 2015’, reached final judging of the Lynn Painter-Stainers in 2015 and has been pre-selected for the RBA Open, 2016.

He has worked on the large scale sculpture works of Anish Kapoor and Anslem Kiefer.  This experience, along with his correspondences with the Turner prize winner sculptor, Richard Deacon, developed a fascination of the poetry of sculpted form, space, shape and surface, which is reflected in his ideas of processes in painting.

After graduating with a BA Hons degree in Art from Manchester Metropolitan University He became an artist, a sculptor, lecturer and then a Landscape Painter based at the Phoenix Brighton Arts Studios.  Here and on site, he paints landscapes and panoramas.

He won Sussex Life/ Paint Out – Landscape Painter of the Year 2016. He has been featured in Saatchi ‘Art artists to look at – Invest in Art, 2015, Saatchi Featured Artist, 2016 and ‘Saatchi Art’s ‘Artist of the Day’, 2016.

In 2015, he donated a work to the ‘Big Heart Auction’ at the Brighton Dome.  He has been invited to gallery exhibitions and art fairs and has collectors in London and across the South and Midlands of England, and has work in collections as far as Sydney, Australia, China, Europe and the USA.

“I loved the landscape paintings by David Scott Moore which have been selling very fast and I can well understand why!”On ‘ING Discerning Eye Exhibition 2017’ exhibits – ‘Making a Mark Blog’, Katherine Tyrrell (November 2017)

“I was drawn to ‘Sussex Downs Sunset XXVII’ so much is because of the incredible way  it captures the mood and light of what is at first glance a dark day.  It actually seems to get brighter as the day gets darker.” A. Barras, University of Brighton, 2016

“We love the dramatic and intensely colourful sky!” ‘Sussex Downs Sunset Crimson I’ – Big Heart Auction Team, Brighton Dome, 2015


Painting outside gives a freedom allowing even a small painting to have a large sense of space.  An ‘en pleinair’ landscape is a live record and an intuitive way of painting, which helps to bring the viewer in closer to the painting and its surface by the use of a first-person narrative.  What I feel and think about the scene and what is communicated when the painting happens is somehow stored within, in a way that goes beyond the initial intentions of composition choice or pre-selected colours.  I think a live, quick outcome like this allows a painting to be readily open to interpretation and then re-interpretation from viewers.

At times in the studio, I layer paint and glaze which leads to stages of creation and destruction causing new surface tensions and new colour harmonies.  The colours are an ongoing process, which are in part formed by the use of memory, and in part from the use of subsequent new discoveries made afterwards in the studio.  When developing the paintings this way, elements of the original on-site marks are also purposely left visible underneath.  These painted over semi-abstract marks, layered glazes and built up surfaces help to communicate latent essences that have been remembered from the original on-site experiences.  Often too, paintings are taken back outside to the original sites and are painted on further.

The rapid response of quickly applied brush marks, layered textures and patterned rhythms capture moments in time.  Some of the composition is left unpainted and abstracted.  Original marks painted at the initial event are left traceable on the surface leading the viewer’s eye from close to the surface to back to viewing the whole painting.​

I believe that regularly painting outside and revisiting locations helps with fluency and brings immediacy to the painting.  With selected paintings, I further aim to represent the transience of life and our connection with nature and its fragility.

‘Fragments of time and fragility – Spring en plein air.’

The 2019 paper series are ‘en plein air’ oils on paper painted on a panoramic site on the South Downs this Spring.  Spring can be regarded both as a season of hope and fragility.  By painting a distant panorama over a number of days on delicate paper, using a balance of warm and cool colours, sometimes with very thin glazes and transparent oil washes I aim to share a sense of time, Spring and fragility.

Exhibitions/ Prizes/ Commissions/ Publications

Cameron Contemporary Art Festival Exhibition, April – July 2019

JP Art Exhibition, Blackheath, London SE3 03A, 1st March – 7th April 2019

NEAC Annual Exhibition Final Round, London SW1, April 2019

Battersea Art Fair, Cameron Contemporary Art, C2, March 2019

Biscuit Factory Spring Exhibition, Newcastle, 1st March – 26th May 2019

Cameron Contemporary Art Gallery, Winter Show, 2nd Avenue, Hove, December 2018 – January 2019

Mall Galleries online, London SW1,  August – December 2018

New Ashgate Gallery, Surrey, November – December 2018

Mall Galleries online, London SW1, April-August 2018

Nadia Waterfield, Hampshire, Autumn 2018

Gallery 57, Summer Show, Arundel, West Sussex – May-August 2018

Cameron Contemporary Art Gallery, Festival Show, May 2018 – June 2018, 2nd Avenue, Hove

Battersea AAF, Cameron Contemporary Gallery, London, March 2018

WAW Group Show,  Putney Wandsworth,  London, Jan. Feb. 2018

‘Making a Mark’ Art Blog review, 2017

The Discerning Eye Exhibition –  ‘Invited Artist’ by Miranda Richardson (Actor, Art Collector and Selector) Mall Galleries, London, SW1, November, 2017

Cameron Contemporary Art Gallery, Winter Show, Nov. 2017 – Feb. 2018, 2nd Avenue, Hove

Gallery 57, Group Show, Arundel, West Sussex, Winter,  2017/2018

Gallery 57, Group Show, Arundel, West Sussex, Autumn,  2017

‘Featured Artist’ Cameron Contemporary Art Gallery Summer Show, Hove, East Sussex, 2017

‘Landscape Painter of the Year Winner 2016’ – Sussex Life Magazine/ Paint Out, exhibition, articles and an interview, January & April 2017

Battersea AAF, Cameron Contemporary Art, London, Spring 2017

Saatchi Art – ‘Artist of the Day’, December 2016

Cameron Contemporary Art Gallery, Winter Show, 2016, 2nd Avenue, Hove

Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize National Exhibition, 2016, Mall Galleries, London SW1

Cameron Contemporary Art Gallery, Summer Show 2016, 2nd Avenue, Hove

Phoenix Arts Association, Open Studios, May 2016

Saatchi Art, ‘New Artists Feature’, April 2016

ING/ Discerning Eye Exhibition 2015, Mall Galleries, London – selected by Stephen Doherty, Art Critic, Somerset House, London

ING/ Discerning Eye Exhibition 2015, Guildford House Gallery, Guildford, Surrey

Shortlisted for Royal Society of British Artists (RBA) Open Exhibition 2015, Mall Galleries, London, SW1

Saatchi Art chief Curator features ‘Sussex Downs Sunset XXVII’, ‘Invest in Art’, October 2015

Inside Sussex, Interview with artist, 2015

Artists’ Open Houses Exhibition, Brighton, 2015

Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize 2015 shortlist, Mall Galleries, London, SW1

Brighton May Festival Open Houses 2015

Art In Brighton, Publication

Big Heart Charity Art Auction, Brighton Dome Theatre, May 2015

20 Painters Regional Exhibition, shortlist, 2014

A3 Exhibition, Phoenix Arts Association Gallery, Brighton Housing Trust Auction, November 2015

Articles/Interviews/ Reviews

Marking a Mark Blog review commentary ING Discerning Eye 2017, Mall Galleries, London SW1

‘Landscape Painter of the Year Winner 2016’ – Sussex Life Magazine/ Paint Out, exhibition, articles and an interview, January & April 2017

‘Inside Sussex’ Magazine Artist Interview, July 2016

Big Heart Art Auction, Dome 2015

Absolute Brighton,  Art Wave article as Regional Art Festival Project Manager 2005

Richard Deacon, Turner Prize Winner Sculptor –  letter correspondences 1995

Peter Dormer, Art and Design Critic – letter correspondences 1994

Arts Industry Roles

Sculptor – on large Anish Kapoor, Anslem Kiefer sculptures, MDM -2006-2011

Team leader Galleries – ‘Frieze Art Fair’, Regents Park, 2006

Fund Raiser -‘Arts Council’ fund, ‘Soundwave Festival’, Cultural Services, 2007

Project Manager -‘Artwave Visual Arts Festival’, Lewes District Council,  2006 –2007

Gallery Committee member – Phoenix Arts, 2004

Private Collections of Painting (outside UK)

Private Collection, New Jersey, USA

Private Collection, South of France

Private Collection, Tenerife

Private Collection, Portugal

Private collection, China

Private collection, Sydney,  Australia


Manchester Metropolitan University – BA Hons Art and Design 3D/WMCT

University of Brighton – PGCE PCE

Northbrook College –  Art and Design Foundation in Art Studies/ National Diploma


Lecturer, Collyer’s Sixth Form – A Level Critical Studies & Art and Design

Lecturer, Sussex Downs College & EVOC,  Art National Diploma/ Foundation in Art Studies

Lecturer, Varndean College – Landscape Painting

Sculpture Tutor, Sussex Downs College

Lecturer, Sussex Downs College, Lewes- A AS level- Art and 3D, Fine Art









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