Landscapes of South Downs and Tuscany, Mill Hill, 2017-2018

South Downs Unfolding Sky I, 2018, Oil on panel, 50cm x 45cm, SOLD

Spring Landscape 2018 – South Downs National Park, 45cm x 50cm, oil in panel, SOLD

‘Cyan Sky’ 2018, 46cm , oil on panel

Spring Landscape Cerulean II, 40 cm, oil on panel, as Featured Artist at Cameron Contemporary  Exhibition

South Downs Landscape XXXI, 60 cm

oil on canvas, SOLD

South Downs Sunset – Curelean II, 40cm

oil on canvas , SOLD

Landscape – Turquoise, 100cm, oil on canvas – SOLD

‘Sussex Spring Sunset V’, 50cm, oil on canvas, Discerning Eye Exhibition November 2017, Mall Galleries, London Invited Artist – selector Miranda Richardson – SOLD

‘Summer Sunset III, 2017’, 40cm, oil on panel

‘Sussex Sunset Cerulean I’, oil on panel

40 cm, SOLD

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