Landscapes of South Downs and Tuscany, 2017

South Downs Sunset – Curelean II, 40cm, oil on canvas – Sold

Spring Landscape Cerulean II, 40 cm, oil on panel, as Featured Artist at Cameron Contemporary  Exhibition

South Downs Landscape XXXI, 60 cm, oil on canvas – Sold

Landscape – Turquoise, 100cm, oil on canvas – Sold

South Downs Spring Sunset – Sienna II, 40cm, oil on canvas – Sold

‘Sussex Spring Sunset V’, 50cm, oil on canvas, Discerning Eye Exhibition November 2017, Mall Galleries, London Invited Artist – selector Miranda Richardson – Sold

‘Panorama Turquoise II’ detail, 50cm, oil on canvas


South Downs Series ‘en plein air’ 2015 -2016


‘Winter landscape V’ – 40cms – oil on canvas


‘South Downs Sunset XXX’ – 60 cms – oil on canvas

Sussex Downs Landscape XXXV

‘Sussex Downs Landscape XXXV’ – 40 cms – oil on panel

'Sussex Downs Sunrise III' - 40cms - oil on canvas

‘Sussex Downs Sunrise III’ – 40cms – oil on canvas – Sold

Sussex Downs Sunrise II webscale

‘South Downs Landscape II’ Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize  London, Mall Galleries,  7–13  March & Guildford House Gallery 25 June – 17 July 2016 – Sold  (prints available)

'Sussex Downs Sunset Sienna IV' - Oil on panel

‘Sussex Downs Sunset Sienna IV’ – Oil on panel – Sold  (prints available)

CSC_2539 sepiab

Winter Landscape Sepia under-painting – 40cms – oil

South Downs Landscape VIII

Sussex Landscape Sienna III –  90cms – oil – Sold

Spring Sunset South Downs VI

‘Sussex Sienna Landscape VI’ – 40cms – oil


‘South Downs Landscape – Winter II’ – 4o cms – oil


‘South Downs Landscape – New Forest III’ – 35 cms – oil

Sussex Downs Sunset XXV close up 2

‘Sussex Downs Landscape XXV’ – detail


‘Sussex Downs Winter Skyscape I’ – 40cms – oil –  Curated in Saatchi Art 18-4-2016

Sunrise Sussex Landscape Winter I

‘Winter Landscape Sussex I’ – 40cms – oil


‘Sussex Landscape – Spring III’ -28cm – oil – Sold

Sussex Sunset Sienna II

‘Sussex Downs Landscape Sienna II’ – oil – 80cm

 Photograph of me painting Sahara 1

Painting ‘en plein air’ – Winds from the Sahara Desert blown thousands of miles to English South Coast

new studio view webscale

Phoenix Art Studio – David Scott Moore

Sussex Sunset XXVII in progress

‘Sussex Downs landscape XXVII’ – early stage

DB Spring Sunset A4 webscale_huesaturation_lightness_sharpen

‘Sussex Downs Landscape Spring Storm I’ oil  30cm – Sold (prints available)