Sussex Downs Landscape Series

South Downs Sunset XXVII

‘Sussex Downs Landscape XXVII’, oil, 80cms

Saatchi Art – Invest in Art – Chief Curator


Prints available

South Downs Sunset XXVII close up 3b

‘Sussex Downs Landscape XXVII’ – detail 1, SOLD

South Downs Sunset XXVII close up 2b

‘Sussex Downs Landscape XXVII’ – detail 2, SOLD


‘Landscape – Sussex Saharan Winds’, oil, 110cm

Sussex Downs Sunset XXI

Sussex Downs Landscape XXI, oil, 40cm, SOLD to

WatsonWestmorland Fine Art Agents, Berkley Square, London W1

‘Sussex Downs Landscape – New Forest I ‘ exhibited at, Discerning Eye Exhibition 2015, London SW1

Discerning Eye 2015 private viewbwsepia

‘South Downs Landscape XXXI’, oil on canvas, 40cm, 2015

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